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A healer chosen to heal an ailing country. The Spokeswoman (La Vocera), the one who carries our voices is Maria de Jesús Patricio, the first indigenous woman to aspire to the presidency in Mexico. Her journey also tells the story behind the Indigenous Government Council’s fight to preserve nature and for a new way of understanding progress in the world today.

Ficha Técnica
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México | 2020 | Spanish - Maya - Yaqui - Wixárika | 82 mins. 

Director: Luciana Kaplan.

Script: Luciana Kaplan.

Producers: Carolina Coppel, Mónica Lozano, Eamon O´Farrill.

Cinemaotography: Ernesto Pardo.

Direct Sound: Nicolás Aguilar.

Sound Design: Lena Esquenazi.

Original Music: Alejandro Castaños, Federico Schmucler.

Edition: Valentina Leduc, Luciana Kaplan.

Recurso 2IG-LOGO.png
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