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On May 2, 2021, 7 Zapatistas set sail in a boat named "La Montaña" bound for Europe in order to complete " a reverse journey" through life and which will disembark in the port of Vigos, Spain in the first fortnight of June.  In the words of Commander Moses:  "You have to fight for life, organize, defend, but together"

The EZLN  invited a delegation from the CNI-CIG that will be represented by 10 colleagues and who will travel with delegates  of the Front of Peoples in Defense of Water and Land of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala and the EZLN.  

One of the objectives of this tour that they have undertaken is:  "Hold meetings, dialogues,  exchanges of ideas, experiences, analysis and evaluations among those of us who are engaged, from different conceptions and in different fields, in the struggle for life.  Afterwards, each one will go their own way or not.  Looking and listening to the other may or may not help us in our step.  But knowing what is different is also part of our struggle and our endeavor, of our humanity. " 

To learn more visit Enlace Zapatista


Since the production of LA VOCERA, and together with graphic artists Amanda Mijangos and Enrique Fonseca, a special edition of the poster "La Montaña" has been put on sale.  to support the CNI-CIG delegation with financial resources to pay for their trip and stay.  

You can buy gicleè reproductions of "The mountain" 100% cotton paper 56x43 cm, signed and serialized. If you are interested please contact Amanda via her IG or Twitter @amandamijangos  or by Facebook: amandamijangosILUSTRACION

entrega 1.jfif
entrga 2.jfif

On May 15, we delivered to María de Jesús Patricio "Marichuy" the first collection made from the sale of the special edition of the poster.

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